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Christian A. Fonseca-Mora
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I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Costa Rica obtaining degrees in economics and in mathematics, and nearly finishing my studies in actuarial sciences (which I finished in early 2019). In March 2011, I started to work for the School of Mathematics as an Interim Professor until July 2012. I moved to Sheffield (United Kingdom) from September 2012 to November 2015 to carry out a PhD in Probability under the supervision of David B. Applebaum. I returned to the School of Mathematics of the University of Costa Rica in January 2016 as an Invited Professor. Since August 2019 I hold a permanent position.   



PhD in Probability and Statistics, The University of Sheffield (2015).

BSc. in Mathematics, University of Costa Rica (2012).


Licenciatura* in Economics, University of Costa Rica (2010).

BSc. in Economics, University of Costa Rica (2009).

*A Licenciatura degree in Costa Rica is similar to a MSc in most countries.

Actuarial Sciences:

BSc. in Actuarial Sciences, University of Costa Rica (2019).



Currently I am a member of CIMPA (Centro de Investigación en Matemática Pura y Aplicada). 

Current Grants, as Principal Investigator:

Análisis estocásticos con procesos cilíndricos. 

Past Grants:

 Ecuaciones diferenciales estocásticas en derivadas parciales en espacios de dimensión infinita.

Research Interests

I am interested in fields related to interactions between probability and functional analysis. My current research focuses on the study of probability theory and stochastic analysis driven by cylindrical and classical  Lévy processes and semimartingales in locally convex spaces, with particular attention to Hilbert spaces, Banach spaces and duals of nuclear spaces.   


Alvarado-Solano, A. E., Fonseca-Mora, C. A.: Cylindrical martingale-valued measures, stochastic integration and stochastic PDEs in Hilbert space, arXiv:2001.09080.

Fonseca-Mora, C. A.: Regularization of cylindrical processes in locally convex Spaces, arXiv: 1905.11223.

Stoch PDE: Anal Comp

Stoch PDE: Anal Comp  4. Preprints

Fonseca-Mora, C. A., Semimartingales on Duals of Nuclear Spaces,  arXiv: 1902.03981.  

Published Articles

Fonseca-Mora, C. A., Tightness and Weak Convergence of Probabilities on the Skorokhod Space on the Dual of a Nuclear Space and Applications, to appear in Studia Mathematica, arXiv: 1806.10231. 

Fonseca-Mora, C. A., Lévy Processes and Infinitely Divisible Measures in the Dual of a Nuclear Space, J Theor Prob (2019), Doi: 10.1007/s10959-019-00972-3  ArXiv version here.
Fonseca-Mora, C. A., Stochastic Integration and Stochastic PDEs Driven by Jumps on the Dual of a Nuclear Space Stoch PDE: Anal Comp,  6, no.4,  618-689  (2018) Doi: 10.1007/s40072-018-0117-x. (Free only-view version here). ArXiv version here.
Fonseca-Mora, C. A., Existence of continuous and càdlàg versions for cylindrical processes in the dual of a nuclear space, J Theor Probab, 31, no.2, 867-894 (2018) Doi:10.1007/s10959-016-0726-0. (Free only-view version here). ArXiv version here 


Fonseca-Mora, C. A., Stochastic Analysis with Lévy Noise in the Dual of a Nuclear Space, PhD Thesis, The University of Sheffield (2015). Supervisor: David Applebaum

Fonseca-Mora, C. A.,  Valoración Económica del Volcán Arenal: Una Medición del Valor de su Belleza Escénica Mediante el Método de Valoración Contingente, Licenciatura Thesis, Universidad de Costa Rica (2010).Supervisor: Ronulfo Jiménez Rodríguez.


Click here for the list of my citations in Google Scholar.


Selected Given Talks

Here is a link to my talk at the 1st Mexico-Poland Meeting in Probability held at CIMAT in Guanajuato, Mexico, November 27-December 1, 2017.  

Teaching (in Spanish) 

Current Teaching

CA-0406 Procesos estocásticos y series temporales

Past Teaching

Cursos Virtuales

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